Today’s lame excuse is

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Grad school.

Actually, it’s been my excuse for infrequent posting for the last 3 months. My graduate program and new city are nothing short of stellar. Immersed in reading, writing, walk-and-talks, travels, dancing, pot lucks, bike rides, snuggles, and balcony musings, I’m only a little bit sorry to report that I’m too busy for the fun distraction of this blog.

I see y’all are hanging with me, though, so thank you. New posts are brewing. Crafting season is upon us, 2010 music reviews are popping up, and I have treasures to share from Raleigh/Durham’s thrifting havens. Soon, friends!


Bobby Bare Jr., you jerk

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Dearest Bobby Bare Jr.,

Damn you for making music that taps my predilections. Running the alt-country gambit from rock n’ roll to folk to country, then throwing in some pop? Are ya trying to keep me from my studies? Plus singing in that endearing and creeping voice of yours? That’s just not playing fair. Fine, I acquiesce. Laptop aside, feet propped on desk, listening, sighing, smiling.

Your pals from MMJ and your old man are culpable too, buddy.

On Nashville: “I saw Elvis make out with Jesus in a yellow limousine.” Of course you did.

A Storm - A Tree - My Mother's Head

On breakups: “I climbed the top of the Golden Gate Bridge, but I forgot I’m afraid of heights. One of us has got to go.” Allegorical truths.

On livestock: “Your goat is on fire.” ?

Preview or get album here

Don’t worry, darlin’, you’re not the only one being cursed for making affecting music. Dylan LeBlanc is about to get a letter regarding If time was for wasting. But, I’ll save that story for next time (see September Playlist of debauchery and delight).

Yours truly,


Junip – yes the 70’s were pretty cool.

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If you like your music heavily steeped in the late 1970’s, including ethereal artwork and bearded players, then Fields is an album for you. Add some good layering and Jose Gonzalez’s magnetic voice, and you’ve got an album for me. Seriously, when that man tells me “It’s alright,” I believe him.

It’s Alright from Fields by Junip | Listening Party.

Another album from Spinner this week.

The Drums – BYODP

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Here, have some fun. Bring your own dance party.

Listen to the new album – Spinner.

The Drums is every bit as fluffy as you’d expect a new indie pop record to be. If you missed the 80’s, or if you’re feeling sunny, give it a spin.

how to rock it in a new city

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Instead of a How To on crafting or cooking, let’s try something more adventurous…

How to rock it in a new city

Divide your time between nesting, exploring, and socializing.

1. Get lost to find yourself. Don’t rely on a GPS or fancy phone. Study the city map online so you know major thoroughfares that run N/S/E/W. Buy a Street Finder map for your car or bag. Next, GET LOST. Use the map and your instincts to find your way back. Then, do it again.

2. Find the free independent newspaper. Circle things you’d like to do. Then, actually go do them. For me, that’s music shows, art openings, writing groups, crafting groups, free yoga, park events, etc. (Thanks for the tip, Mando.)

3. Invest in your space. Moving is an excellent chance to shift old habits, even domestic ones. Despite my normal thriftiness, I thought, “Repainting costs be damned. I like color.”

And, of course, set up your stereo before anything else. (Pack that shit on top.)

Last week, I was living very happily in Louisville, KY. Today, I live in Raleigh, NC. I’ve gotten lost about 5 times. I’ve stared amazedly at incompetent slow people in the paint department. I’ve rediscovered forgotten music and fallen in love with a hiking trail.

Friday, I had a date with the city and caught a show by The Young Republic, a Nashville band I saw in Louisville last month. Southern tours, we’re doin’ it right.

2010 Music so far

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I’ve been perusing Best of 2010 (So Far) lists and Summer mixes… And I have to ask, where’s the good stuff?

Follow-up question: Where’s the rock? If you like pop/synth/trippy, then this is the summer for you! It’s littered with tracks like this one by CEO, chosen almost randomly from Stereogum because it sounds like most of what’s out there right now.

I’m not denying my love affair with creative indie pop. Oh no, it’s there. Blackbird Blackbird is flirting with me, I’ll admit it. And, Gorillaz and Broken Bells are fun enough. But come on, new music world, give me something lasting.

While searching, I did find Yewknee’s cool collection of SUMMER MIXES. The first one I was drawn to, Cicadas and Cocktails, has some great stuff – not new but nice to have.

For the record, one of my favorites so far this year is The Black Keys’ Brothers (but be warned: it can bum you out and struggles with monotony). Here’s the single. And, as stated before, Delta Spirit makes me happy.

If you’ve heard great stuff this year that maybe I’ve missed, please comment.

I love you, Goodwill.

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I do. You take away things I don’t want and give me things I need. Your treasures bring me compliments.

Sometimes your name elicits a grimace by those who have not yet discovered the genius of thrifting. But, I’ll say it loud and say it proud. I love you, Goodwill. I do.

Grand total: $5.